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Holding Hands, Making Plans October 11, 2011

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New in the shop:

Today I …(are you ready for this?)…did not…..buy anything. *Sigh* It was hard but I resisted the urge to hit up any thrift stores. I still haven’t listed the ice buckets I bought last Tuesday, among many other previous purchases. This week was kind of busy. With my husband out of state for a few days, I booked myself solid every night so I wouldn’t get bored or lonely. As a result, I didn’t have any time to work on Etsy stuff or anything else I needed to do around the house.

Today instead of shopping, I started a crock pot supper (chicken taco soup) and worked on listing a couple of things on Etsy. Then I packaged up two orders and made a trip to the post office. I met mom for lunch at Panera and then together we went in to our gym to cancel our memberships. This action may seem contrary to #6 on my list (lose 30 lbs) but at least it is a step closer to #20-Paying off our debt. Plus, I don’t plan on giving up exercise. I just plan on finding more ways to do it for free. Tonight I’m going for a long walk with a friend. When it gets too cold outside, I plan on working out to DVDs I already own.

Also, speaking of the list, I have decided what cookbook to cook my way through:

Yeah, I never said it would be a gourmet cookbook. Forget that Julia Child stuff-no complicated French (or “Fraunch” as some of us like to say) cuisine that involves crap like butterflying a whole chicken and sewing it back together. Nope. Just simple crockpot recipes I can throw together before work. I plan to post some of the more successful recipes on here but we’ll see. I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Too many ambitious plans and I scare myself back into my usual complacent laziness.


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