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the winds of crazy are blowing wild and free October 25, 2011

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I have been obsessed with nursery decor, lately. I guess it’s just part of my infertility fueled baby blues. I’ve been seeing so many cute ideas on Pinterest lately that I’ve been saving my favorite ones. I want a teepee!

Also, I thought this was a cute idea. The person took a curtain rod and extended the crib to make a little tent/fort nook for reading and playing in:

So adorable! My obsession with stuff for kiddos spilled over into my thrifting excursion with mom today. I passed up some really cute things, including a vintage art easel. It’s hard to buy stuff for future munchins because I don’t know if I will have a baby through IVF or possibly an older child through adoption. I usually pass up infant things but I did splurge and buy a ruffled Liberty of London one-piece outfit for $1. It was soo precious. I think I ovulated just looking at it.

It was a weird day at the thrifts, actually, just a weird day period. It was warm but with a crazy strong breeze. My eyes and nose were itching all day and I felt feverish. I felt oddly blase about a day of vintage shipping. Our first stop was the best, the Pink Door House, as we call it. Lou gave me a two checks equaling $24 from the stuff I dropped off to sell a couple of months ago. I had forgotten all about it so that was a nice surprise. I looked around and found: an old bobble head kokeshi doll for  $3, Oh, The Places You Will Go book for 50 cents, three tall vintage glasses with red and white flowers for $1.50,  and some old Girl Scouts patches for 50 cents.

Next, we went to the Church Mouse. I haven’t been there since they moved to a bigger location across the street. It was busier and more picked over than usual, which is good for them but unfortunate for me. I dug around for quite a while and didn’t find much. A strange woman held up two ugly pirate-esque shirts and asked which one I liked better. I stuttered “Oh…oh, it’s too hard to chose”.  I nabbed a green lidded syrup carafe to group with an orange one I already have. I also found an interesting gold necklace with a green stone that looks kind of 1970s. I put it on immediately and wore it out of the store. Those two purchases set me back a whopping $2.

We grabbed a bite at Avanti’s and then headed to the Goodwill. Mom found some gorgeous stemware and silver platters. I found a 2001 Lucinda Williams cd for $2 that I should have left at the Goodwill. We tried listening to it in the car but gave up after 3 songs. I like her newer stuff better.

Last stop was the Salvation Army off of Allen Road. It was busy and understaffed. Mom and I stood at the jewelry counter ignored for quite some time. I didn’t find any jewelry but I found two neat Syroco wall hangings that are a goldish bronze color. They are square with birds in the center. Those were $2 for the pair. I also bought the baby outfit and a silicone tea infuser in the shape of a lemon with a stem for the handle. It was new in the package and 60 cents.

While we were standing in line, a weird lady (she sort of looked like a crazy person with her knitted hat and puffy coat in 7o degree weather. Also, she had chin hair) came busting in the door. She was screaming about how some lady stole her jewelry. She had left her car parked and running in front of the store. “That SNEAKY B@#CH!” she kept exclaiming. I was stunned, as was the man ringing up the girl ahead of me in line. Another employee immediately went over to her to sort out what was going on.

Apparently, the woman had been struggling to her car with her massive piles of crap and a young woman came over and insisted on helping her to her car. According to this woman, the young woman even said “I’m not going to take anything”. Which should have been her first clue. At some point, I’m not really clear on when, the woman realized the bag containing her jewelry was gone.

Now, I understand being angry about the situation. But this woman was ridiculous. She was cross-examining the employee who was trying to help her. “Who is your supervisor? I want to press charges! Who is the name of the person who checked me out? I want her number. Does that woman buy anything? How did she pay? Does she shop here often?”  All of this was done very LOUDLY and punctuated with swear words. The level of anger was sort of frightening, considering we are not talking precious jewels here.

Plus, looking at this woman, I’m not so sure I believed her story. She just had an air of crazy about her, like she might be trying to pull something. I gave the cashier my most sympathetic face as she ranted and raved on about the damn jewelry. He grimaced and rolled his eyes. I was thankful I was free to leave the store and not suffer her tirade anymore. I know there are crazy people everywhere but they sure do congregate at thrift stores. I love a good bargain, I love hunting for it, usually I even love talking to people I meet along the way. But then there are days when I just don’t feel like being around the crazies.


2 Responses to “the winds of crazy are blowing wild and free”

  1. We always have parallel days….I went to the doctor and there was a crazy man there. I’ll tell you about it on the phone. I liked the pics you posted, both were good ideas. I might steal both…

  2. swankylady Says:

    I wanna know about the crazy man! Call me 🙂

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