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Strike a Pose October 29, 2011

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the slightly tattered front cover

Vogue! One of my favorite purchases a while back- an April of 1957 issue of Vogue for a mere $2. *Swoons*  I am not the biggest follower of modern fashion, but looking through this magazine has me wanting to play dress up in a big way. I love the styles, the hair, the jewelry…I would be into fashion if clothing still looked like it did in 1957.

I spent about an hour drooling over the lovely images tonight and scanning in my favorites. Some of the pages were hard to scan because the magazine is slightly wider than my scanner. Also, the spine is very brittle and I was trying not to damage it by bending it too far. I’m not going to post all the images tonight. I figured I’d spread it out over a couple of posts. Here are a couple pics for now:




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