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JavaJavaJava! October 30, 2011

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What’s even better than images from an old Vogue? Images from an old Vogue with snarky captions!

Teehee! I had way too much fun thinking up captions to go with the pictures. Sadly, I have always been able to amuse myself very, very easily. Luckily, I have many more of these scanned in pictures to graffiti with my own warped humor. They sort of remind me of Anne Taintor’s stuff, which I have always loved. I’ve always wanted an Anne Taintor pillbox for my meds.

Ah, this has been a spiffy Sunday so far, apart from the annoying colds the Mr. and I have. I have done absolutely nothing of importance so far. I am still in my pajamas, I have consumed bacon and eggs with coffee,  checked my e-mail and facebook, watched the end of Bride Wars on my DRV, yelled at my dogs to shut their little faces, and had some more coffee. It’s not even noon yet. Yes, I know you are thinking…

How does she do it???

I don’t know, people. I…don’t…know.



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