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House Envy November 1, 2011

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Today was a really fun and interesting day!  My mom had offered her co-worker/friend, Larry,  the use of my dad’s truck to pick up a daybed and end tables he won at an auction. (He’s obviously a fellow antique lover and junk shop addict) He doesn’t drive so we went with him to get it and along the way made a couple stops to some of his favorite stops. Both places were in the unsavory part of downtown P-town. One place especially is not a place I would go again without the protective company of near 7-foot-tall male.  There I found a brass owl paperweight for 50 cents and my mom got a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker that is exactly like mine for $5.

The second stop was the auction house where we picked up the bed. The old brick building was deteriorating but beautiful. A slew of rough-looking dudes sat around in their chairs and openly stared while we struggled past them with the bed and tables. I almost said “Thanks for helping, boys” but refrained.

Last stop was a little junk shop manned by a friendly middle aged woman and a wise old Pit bull.  We had to make it quick because the furniture was in the back of the truck. I found some great stuff, including a stoneware owl ashtray, two juice decanters, four retro drinking glasses, and a three-tiered black shelf for my bathroom. I spent a whopping $7. I would have thought Larry would have been all over that  owl but apparently owls scare him. (maybe it’s the eyes). Here’s a badly-lit photograph of my finds:

The best part of the day was when Larry led us on a quick tour of his home. It was amazing! This guy had everything; Herman Miller desk and chairs, Heywood Wakefield dining table and buffet set, space age tulip chairs, geometric pattern rugs, art deco prints, giant framed Art Nouveau prints, gorgeous pottery, Danish modern couches, and other mid century modern furniture galore! I was in awe. I wish I had had a camera with me. It was very inspiring, not only because of the style but also the order he kept in his home. Virtually no clutter!

I’d like to say my house will eventually look like his but I know that’s never going to happen. I have too many random little collections and I can’t commit to one style or era. I do hope to eventually find more furniture pieces like his. He had the perfect mid century sideboard (or credenza, call it what you like) and it was exactly like the vision I’ve had in my head for years. *sigh* It was amazing.


2 Responses to “House Envy”

  1. Hello, I see all the owls you have and I was wondering about one in particular that you sold on etsy.com and I was wondering if you had any more or any information regarding them. It was called the “Big Eyed Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker”. I have one and I was trying to find a match or a set because mine broke. If you have any information I would greatly appreciate it. Also I love your blog and the things you sell. Thanks. Jennifer

  2. swankylady Says:

    Hi, Jennifer! Thanks for your sweet compliments! As for the owls, unfortunately, I do not have any more info on these shakers. I know they were made by Lego of Japan, a pottery company like Napco or Lefton. I have never come across any others quite like them! If I ever come across a set (or single) again I would be glad to pick it up for you! 🙂

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