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Holly Jolly Blatherings December 16, 2011

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Here is my finished DIY ornament wreath:

Well, finished except for a bow. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with it, except for the fact that I do not know how to make nice, aesthetically pleasing bows from ribbon so my method was to tie a ragged piece of ribbon to the end of the hanger in a attempt to look “homespun”. The result was not a country homespun look but rather more of a my-dogs-chewed-off-the-bow look. Next time I make a wreath (if there is a next time) I will enlist the help of an experienced bow maker. *coughMandy!cough*

Also, next time I’d like to spend more time collecting ornaments in different color schemes. I picture one in shades of pink, purple, and silver. And one in different shades of blue. This project used up all the ornaments I purchased last week- over 70 in all.  So if I want to ever make another one, I’ve got some serious collecting to do!

I also stuck cloves in oranges for the sake of tradition. My mom used to give me and my sisters a bag of oranges and a bowl of cloves to keep us busy for hours. That and stringing cranberries on thread to make garlands are two of my most vivid memories of Christmas decorating growing up. Paul didn’t like them; he thought they made our kitchen smell “musty and Mediterranean” and he said they  looked like something out of Hellraiser. Thanks, babe.


2 Responses to “Holly Jolly Blatherings”

  1. they do look a bit like hellraiser

  2. swankylady Says:

    he, that’s because you’re morbid, like my husband 😉

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