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watch out for thrift vultures January 3, 2012

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Recently added to the shop:

vintage deer planter

anchor hocking turtle dish

brass quail figurines

retro snack jar

With the holidays, family in town, working extra hours and all that jazz, thrifting trips have been few and far between lately. Today I did manage to convince my sister to go out with me for a little late-afternoon shopping. The shops were all pretty picked over by the time we made it out but I scored a cool Syroco starburst clock and a Georges Briard serving plate.

I almost passed on the clock because it had the hefty price tag of $7 and the lady behind the counter informed me there are no returns on any electronics without batteries, but I figured if it doesn’t work I could always add a new clock mechanism. Also, there was this twenty-something guys who kept circling the area waiting for me to put the clock down and that helped me make up my mind. Nothing like someone salivating over your find to help you with your decision!


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