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Cat Eye Envy and Old Booze Ads January 23, 2012

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Things have been slow and somewhat uneventful around here. My younger sister visited from Alaska from December 20th through January 15th  so that took up most of my free time. It was really wonderful to spend so much time with her and I even got her to go with me on a couple quick thrift excursions. That little turd (I say that with utmost love and affection) even found a vintage pair of cat eye sunglasses! I have been scouring the grungy glasses bins in thrift stores for years in search of such a pair! The closest I have come is a pink framed pair with a slight cat eye shape to the top of the frame. They are cute but not the sleek black cat eyes I’ve always pictured. She found her pair for 50 cents. (!)

The past few weeks have been terrible for me on Etsy. I haven’t sold anything in a couple of weeks. I haven’t listed much lately, either so I guess I shouldn’t complain. I have renewed some things though so I am surprised at the utter lack of sales. My shop stats show the normal amount of views and ‘favorites’ so who knows why the slump. January never has been my month.

On a more cheerful note, my mom’s coworker friend Larry, the collector with the amazing midcentury modern house, gave her some advertisements taken from 1930’s magazines to give to me and Paul. He has quite a collection of magazines and advertisements as he once sold them when he was a dealer. He is thinning out some of his stuff and he donated it to the thrift shop he & mom work at. Since it is a church-run business, they don’t accept anything with libations *gasp!* or cigarettes *the horror!!* on them…and at this point he thought of me. Haha, that sounds bad. But I guess he remembered that we want to have a midcentury style bar in the basement when we finally get around to finishing it. Such a thoughtful one, that guy. My mom always befriends the coolest people.

Anywhoo, here are most of the ads:

ooo, how naughty!

this magazine cover was too large to fit entirely on the scanner...but I love it so I had to include it!


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