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Coffee is my Friend February 26, 2012

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This past week went by really fast, despite bad moods at work and emotional issues going on inside my crazy head! I am glad it is Sunday. It’s my day to veg. Since we didn’t get to watch our shows together on Thursday, the Mister and I watched them in bed this morning, while I guzzled way too much coffee. Hours later and I’m still hyper.

I’m taking advantage of coffee-induced productivity and listing some stuff in the shop. I tried to go out in the garage and photograph the aforementioned dresser (yes, it is a dresser and yes, it is still sitting out in my garage.) but someone’s car is in the way of me getting a shot and someone cannot be torn away from the big race on TV to move said car. I’d move it but it’s stick shift and I don’t want to crash into my new/old dresser.

If today is typical of my usual veg-out day, Tuesday was the usual go-go-go! thrift-fest that I usually aim for. Mom and I met up with the infamous Larry again. He needed a lift in our (well, my dad’s, actually) truck to pick up some aaaamazing chairs he bought for $6 total. (!) I didn’t have my camera but a quick search on Etsy brought up these beauties by MPG Home Design, which are pretty similar to what Larry bought:

Larry has this uncanny ability to uncover these unbelievable mid century furniture finds for ridiculously low prices. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t the teensiest bit jealous. Good thing he’s so nice…

Anyways, while we were on the chair retrieval mission, we made it our business to stop at every thrift shop we could find on our way. It’s fun shopping with someone who is as passionate-if not more- about finding treasures in the midst of trash. The junkier, the more jumbled and unorganized a place is, the more fun it is to hunt for diamonds in the rough. I love the smaller shops, the holes in the wall, the little dives that most people avoid. This is where you find the good stuff…and for cheap.

The best stop of the day for me was this little shop in a shady area of town that I’ve only been to once before, and it was with mom & Larry. This time did not disappoint. I found these little gals:

more poodles for my ridiculous collection!

I also found a set of Russian nesting dolls, a vintage Sesame street lamp featuring Big Bird reading under a street lamp  that I will save for my future child (Paul says he remembers this from his childhood and he showed me a feature I didn’t notice…big bird lights up, too!)  and four glass egg cups that have little chicks on them. Nothing was priced but the grand total came to $6, so not too shabby!


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