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Dresser Hoarder March 4, 2012

OK, finally…today I managed to get a picture of my $50 purchase from a couple weeks ago:

Isn’t she pretty? I love mid century modern furniture, even if it is getting a bit tired in the design community. I have always loved it, long before it was “in” and I will always love it.

This piece has not found a home inside yet but I actually think I’m going to paint it black to match the living room furniture. I visualize it being used as a TV console. It’s already been refinished on the top part and there are little flaws and discolorations in the wood, so I don’t feel bad about “ruining” a great piece. (some people freak out when you paint furniture-just go read the comments on the “before & after’s on Design Sponge sometime)!

Also, please excuse the ugliness/dirtiness of my garage. And yes, that is another dresser next to my dresser. It came with the house when we bought it over five years ago. And it is still sitting in the same spot in our garage. Because we are ambitious like that. Yeah…ok, moving on…

Some stuff from my Etsy shop made it into a couple of cute blogs this week!

My owl salt & pepper shakers were featured here: http://afinedayforsailing.blogspot.com/

and my mid century orb-shaped planter showed up here: http://deucecitieshenhouse.com/

I was thrilled! Go check it out; both blogs are quite swanky, in my humble opinion.


2 Responses to “Dresser Hoarder”

  1. how do you find out when they post your stuff?

  2. swankylady Says:

    Sometimes they send me a nice message on Etsy or sometimes I just notice it in my “shop stats” feed that tells me how many views I get and where outside traffic comes from. If you notice traffic coming from a blog, chances are you’ve been featured. 🙂

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