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Random Photo Shoot in the Kitschen March 11, 2012

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I think paint-by-numbers are so cool.They are sort of ugly but still somehow super-cute, like E.T.  I have been picking them up for a while now “for the shop” but I have yet to list a single one. I guess it’s time to admit I’m sort of hoarding them, even though I can’t picture them anywhere in our house. Here is the horse one I bought last week for $1.49:

And here is a pair of seaside masterpieces I found ages ago for 99 cents each:

And here is my husband trying to irritate me:

 And here is a perfect example of these lovely vintage paint-by-numbers grouped together in one burst of cuteness !

via abeautifulmess.typepad.com

I don’t think my husband will let it happen, at least not upstairs. I guess there’s my little crafty space in the basement I still dream of often. I have quite a pile of kitschy, quirky things I am saving for my own little corner of the house. We just have to get off our butts and finish the basement first!


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