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Tuesdays are Terrific March 14, 2012

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Today I crossed one off my “thirty before thirty” list and went red! My sister and I met at the shop after she dropped her son off for school. I woke up late so I was sans make-up and sporting wet hair as we picked out my color. Joan from Mad Men was the inspiration but we mixed two colors and the result was a bit darker. Still, I was pretty pleased. I think anything lighter would have been too orange and a repeat of my LeeLoo-esque hair disaster (refer to January 2010 in the archives)

Due to the hair appt. with my sister and other random errands, I didn’t get to do much thrift store shopping as per my usual Tuesdays. I did make two quick stops on my way to the post office but they were very hurried.

I found at Goodwill: owl shaped lamp, not vintage, much more than I usually spend at $8.99. He’s now at home in my living room. Three primary colored Tupperware cups, the kind I drank out of as a kid. 59 cents each. They got thrown in a tub of stuff in the basement. It’s my secret “when-I-have-kids” stash. It’s not really a secret, actually. Just a stash. Two pink ceramic egg cups, 99 cents each. They might be saved for my co-worker who collects egg cups.

I found at Salvation Army: vintage tablecloth with pastel pink and blue leaves. $1.99. It has one tiny brown stain, making it the perfect picnic blanket for this summer. Because I go on so many picnics….

Also found at SA, one cardboard file box in a 1970s faux bois pattern. It holds index cards and has a metal thingy inside that adjusts to hold more or less cards. I’ve been trying to find more things for storage lately. It almost broke the bank at 49 cents.

So I found nothing for the shop, which is ok. I still have plenty to list this week. Here are some new additions to the shop:

1950s Kitten Planter

yellow frosted glass drink pitcher

danish modern candlestick

vintage canvas tote bag, already sold

brass bird trinket dish

antique Bingo cards



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