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Flea Market Fling! March 25, 2012

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I had a great morning! I got up early and mom picked me up at 8:30 to go to an indoor flea market. Two of my Dad’s sisters are visiting from out of state and they each brought their eldest son with them. We met up with them and my other aunt who lives here for some good old treasure hunting.

I, of course, had no trouble finding anything. My first purchase of the morning was this fun vintage cocktail shaker:


I thought it was a must-have because the pattern was so loud and cheery and also it came with a spoon for stirring that hangs off the lid, which I’d never seen before. I spent $10, which is more than I’d pay in a thrift store, but less than I’d pay online or in an antique store. I didn’t plan to purchase much more since the place isn’t that big and there weren’t many tables with my style of stuff.

But I kept digging and I kept finding….

jewelry for spring!

mirrored jewelry tray, $2

records for a buck a pop

issue of Look magazine, 1954

Books! 50 cents each. I just realized 5 of the 7 I picked have women on the front who are not facing the camera...odd.

Everything pictured above I plan on keeping. The three pieces of jewelry cost a total of $4!  The magazine was sort of an impulse buy. The dealer at that particular table was so sweet I felt I had to look around until I found something. He saw me struggling to hold my jewelry tray under my arm and he handed me a plastic bag, even though I wasn’t even looking at this stuff. So I rifled through his magazines until I found this one for $3. I’ll have to scan in some of the advertisements in it some rainy day. Here is one page I liked:

*EDIT*  I also found an awesome purse that I may sell or keep, I haven’t decided, as well as some jewelry items I am listing on Etsy. There was a second half to this post that somehow got erased. I do not feel like typing it all again so I guess I’ll post a part two tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Flea Market Fling!”

  1. “My mother, reaching for her copy of Look magazine would be trapped into reading a Red Rider sales pitch…”
    Thats what that reminded me of when I saw that magazine you posted. I LOVE! that awesome rounded ball necklace with the jewels protruding out from it, if you ever get tired of it, pass it my way….

  2. swankylady Says:

    Oh my gosh, I forgot that line! You have an awesome memory. Yeah, that necklace was at the bottom of a bunch of dusty, crusty stuff in a $2 box. I was so excited! 🙂

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