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Tuesday Night Ramblings April 10, 2012

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(I apologize in advance for any spelling/grammar errors. It’s past my bedtime, I’ve had a glass of wine, and I just don’t care.)

Today was a really good day! One of those days that just flew by because it was so good. Why can’t the days I’m at work go by so quickly?? I slept in until 9 and then made a pot of coffee. I got my day started by tucking myself back into bed with a mug of coffee, my snuggly pups,  and a DVR box full of Breakout Kings, a show I record but never seem to watch. I watched two episodes and then forced myself to get up and shower.

Mom came over around noon and brought me some of her homemade chicken salad and some mini-crossaints and some chips and salsa. She is the sweetest. Then we headed out to thrift. First, we mulled around and talked about doing something else. There was talk of seeing a movie. But then, of course, we headed out to thrift. We just can’t help it. It’s in our blood.

Here is a crappy picture of some of my haul:

Pictured: another mid century animal mail holder, a perpetual desk calender, a red tonka truck, a tiny brass elephant, three silver-rimmed roly poly bar glasses, an ice cream cone cookie jar, a speckled green shell pottery vase, a granny squares knitted blanket, an embroidred vintage pillowcase.

Not  pictured: an orange bangle bracelet with carved detailing, Rachel Ray 365 meals cookbook, 5 paperback novels, one large Vogue vintage sewing manual, a slightly damaged vintage globe (bought cheap, for a project), 4 records, a large hot pink poodle figurine, and a cotton sundress that will be a perfect swimsuit cover-up this summer.

I bought wayyy more than I usually do but I still came in under $50. I don’t feel too guilty because I just transferred a big chunk of change from my paypal to my bank account the other day. Just supporting my habit. 😉

Oh, and one of the records:

a hard candy Christmaaaaas!

(That one’s for you, Nicole)

After getting dropped off and making multiple trips of shame past my husband (picture me struggling with armloads of stuff, my husband holding the front door open for me without a word, just a slightly judgmental look) I packed up some items for the post office. I responded to an e-mail, in which someone I shipped to on March 31st still hasn’t received his package. I asked him to give it a couple more days but I have a feeling I’ll be issuing a refund. Bummer.

Then my husband was kind enough to go to the post office with me. (I hate waiting in that long line by myself) Afterwards, we had some Taco Bell for dinner. We have really been going the health food route lately; last night it was Chinese. MSG=yummm. There were these cute little boys at Taco Bell with their dad and I heard one of them excitedly say “Dad, can we get sporks? They have them here!!” The dad laughed and said Suuure. I’m sure he was thinking, I hope it will always be this easy to keep them happy.

The point of that little story is: I am a lot like those kids. It just doesn’t take that much to make me happy. Sporks. Or ceramic poodles. Or 25 cent Dolly Parton records. Not that I don’t have deeper needs or desires, like anyone else, but for the most part, I am easily amused. I like to think that if I were to win the lottery or become heir to a family fortune I know nothing about, I would still find the joy in the little things. I’d like to believe I could still sit in a Taco Bell with my husband and feel as happy as I felt today.



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