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Shop Updates and a Glorious Estate Sale August 19, 2012

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atomic thermal melamine dish

pretty pastel Libby juice/shot glasses, set of 8

money symbols bill holder

1960’s day-glo colored birthday cards

Viking glass owl candle holder

Travel-theme vintage drinking glasses-Bombay, Paris and Havana!

I went to the coolest estate sale yesterday!  My cousin and aunt called me to tell me about it as they were there already and spied a bunch of things they knew I would like. I got ready as fast as possible and raced over like Speed Racer. The minute I stepped inside the beautiful, old 17-room house that was packed full of goodness, my heart started racing. I kid you not. I was like a kid in a candy store, whirling around in wonder, unsure of where to start. To free up my greedy hands, I had left my purse in my car and stuffed my money in my pants pocket.  “I should have brought my phone in, ” I said to my husband (yes, he was dragged along and may I add, never ever again) “How will I ever find Nicole and my aunt  in here?”

In my excited state of dumb wonder, I bumped into another young woman with an armload of old books. “I’m sorry!” we both said, and then I realized it was my cousin. We both laughed and then they led us on a tour of the rooms they had explored up to that point.

It was so cool; I wish I would have had time to dig around in there all day and load my car to the brim. In no way did I deprive myself, though. I had a pile going next to an old organ in the front room where you paid for your haul. The best part was…everything was HALF OFF! $30 bought me:

The floral patterned glasses  and the 1960’s stationary above, two old leather yearbooks from 1941 and 1939, a 1949 “Look and Learn” book full of adorable pictures I shall scan in to share soon, a large black tin with kitschy Amish graphics, an industrial metal box, a blue with white polka dots apron with folksy embroidery, cat eye reading glasses, a giant faux wood fork and spoon wall hanging,  a set of 4 rectangular metal kitchen canisters that are off-white with daisy patterned lids, a mid century desk lamp,a kitschy floral pedestal mug, a group of flocked deer for my mom’s Christmas-time mantle collection,  a small “Bourbon St.” sign (the husband’s one pick) two round metal trays with 70’s-looking food graphics, and my favorite….a small portable record player!

The record player was only $5. It definitely needs a needle and I’m not sure if it will work or not, but it was worth the gamble for only 5 bucks. My cousin found a bagful of retro Halloween masks, including Star Wars characters, a Pac man wind-up toy, a piece of Victorian mourning jewelry, a pile of neat old books, old baseballs, and two cool vintage umbrellas, including one that is clear with a red border. She may have found more but that’s what I remember.

Also, when we first got there, I saw my mom’s thrifting nemesis, the guy that snapped out on her when she worked at a thrift store and they battled over a piece of furniture. She won and he now hates her with a passion and never fails to give both her and me (what did I ever do!) the old “stink eye”.  I see him everywhere yet he hardly ever buys anything. I think he holds out for the real true-blue valuables. He left the house empty-handed.

So now I have some listing to do. I am definitely keeping the yearbooks, the Look and Learn book, the apron and the record player. And possibly the lamp. Everything else will eventually make it to the shop. I just need to keep telling myself that. Or I’ll keep it all, I kid you not.











4 Responses to “Shop Updates and a Glorious Estate Sale”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I’m so honored to be in your blogpost!!! I’ve been enjoying my treasures we must do that again sometime, though I think we both know what a rarity it is to find a sale that good!

  2. I hate you foo! Not really, just uber jealous

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