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Night, All August 29, 2012

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Oh, deer…can you spot the missing antler?

the canisters from the epic estate sale

big old industrial file box that the husband might keep

A pretty apothecary bottle that just got added to the shop today!

It’s been supercrazybusy round these parts. Too much work and family stuff (which is nice, don’t get me wrong!) and doctor  appointments to do much thrifing. Which is probably good, because anyone who knows me knows I have enough stuff tucked away in my house to supply my Etsy shop for two years!

Anyways, this isn’t much of a post but it’s better than nothing, right? Now I’m off to make a cup of Sleepytime tea and start another chapter of the Night Circus. And so, as my Grandma “Moses” would say… “Night, All!”


4 Responses to “Night, All”

  1. Colee Says:

    That book is one of the most visually beautiful books I’ve read! My coworker just finished it and it gave her a total book hangover 🙂

  2. poor deer 😦 When i was little my aunt had several fuzzy deer, but then i found unnerving, now they make me smile

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