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Cheap Thrills and an Ode to Aldi September 2, 2012

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Today I’m enjoying chai tea with vanilla creamer out of my 25 cent Estate sale mug and 50 cent books from Goodwill.

The Mr. and I went grocery shopping today, first at Aldi, then at the Super Walmart next to it. We’re not big Walmart fans, but it was more a matter of convenience. Usually, we shop at Aldi and Kroger.

I don’t know if you live by an Aldi but if you do, you should totally give it a chance. They are so much cheaper than the regular grocery store. Yes, you have to bring your own reusable shopping bags or forfeit a nickel apiece for paper bags, a dime for plastic. Yes, it is mostly generic brand or aldi’s private label food and no, the store doesn’t carry as much as a regular grocery store. But it is a perfect place to stock up on the staples before going to the supermarket for your brand-specific needs. Sometimes, the Aldi brand of something is every bit as good as a big-name brand, sometimes it’s not even close to the original.

Today I took a chance and shelled out $1.99 for this:

chocolate-y hazelnut goodness!

I am a Nutella freak, thanks to a fifth grade teacher who gave us all a taste one day when she told us about her travels across Europe. (I guess nut allergies were not such a big concern then). I was instantly hooked and went home begging my mom to buy us some. At the time, the only place in Peoria we could seem to find it was the International section at Cub’s foods. Now it’s easy to find but it’s about $4 for the smallest jar. Lucky for me, this stuff tasted just like it!

We spent $44.27  today which bought us:

-2 cans of black beans

-2 cans of white tuna

-kosher spears

-2 packets of instant Asian noodles

-whole wheat sandwich thins

-flour tortillas

-multi-colored bell peppers

-3 avocados

-pumpkin cream cheese spread

-jar of hazelnut spread

-2 chocolate whipped yogurts

-1 12-oz bag coffee “Donut Store” blend coffee

-2 10-oz bags of trail mix (with almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried cranberries and dark chocolate)

-1 package of scrubber sponges

-a package shredded Italian cheeses

-a package of shredded Mexican cheeses

-quart of half and half

-bag of sweet onions

And non-generic items:

-Kraft miracle whip

-Taco Bell spicy ranchero sauce

-Taco Bell creamy jalapeno sauce

-Texas Toast Croutons

It was sort of a strange trip for me; usually I don’t buy so many condiments and non-essiential items. Usually, I buy more vegetables and this awesome crusty Italian bread that comes in a huge uneven loaf but it had a short date this time. Anyways, don’t ask me what led me to post about my grocery shopping habits. I just thought everyone should know how much I love Aldi. Maybe I’ll post a favorite Aldi product a week or something and gain a whole new wave of Aldi-obsessed readers.


3 Responses to “Cheap Thrills and an Ode to Aldi”

  1. Colee Says:

    I live off of Aldi’s! AAAAAAHHHHHAAAAA so tasty!!!!!

  2. juliekunski Says:

    You Know I’m a fan.

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