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Kitsch-plosion November 24, 2012

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Isn’t that toadstool figurine the cutest? I bought it with intentions of selling it, but upon discovering a thin crack along the base, I decided it should stay with me and give shelter to the dozens of tiny woodland creatures that roam around the wilds of my pink dresser. I should take a picture of that dresser sometime. It really has become a fantastical kitsch-plosion.

In thrifting news….

It’s been hit or miss in the stores around here. I’ve really had to dig for my treasures. Anything remotely cute or vintage is way marked up, at least compared to prices this time last year. I collect those big eyed mid century Christmas angels that look like they’re made out of paper mache. Last year, I could pick them up for 99 cents or $1.99 at the most. Today I spotted two at Goodwill for $3.99 each. That might not sound ridiculously high, but it’s just annoying when you see such a hike in just one year.

Despite the higher prices, I have managed to find some diamonds in the rough, including a Steve Crane & Associates tiki mug for $2.99, which I shall post about soon. Also found recently: a floral 1960s maxi dress, vintage nudie playing cards (!), hot pink plastic chopsticks, a 1960s lawn bowling set, and a green and orange checkered Vera scarf.

I wish I could do this re-sale stuff as a job. If I could make the rounds every day all day, I can’t imagine the goodies I’d find!


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