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Another collection my husband is confused by… March 2, 2013

How totally adorbs are these critters?


I started inadvertently collecting these cute little deer figurines about two summers ago when I picked up the mama and her three babies at the Third Sunday Bloomington flea market for $2. (she’s the one lifting her right hoof (?) in the air and scowling. I wasn’t planning on starting a collection, I just adored her scornful stare and her cute little fawn spawn.

Then came the purchase of the tiny bone china fawns that I started grabbing up at thrift stores with the intent of using them in woodland-themed terrariums. The one terrarium that I did make was beautiful but unfortunately, I used a large lidded glass jar that was too fragile and broke into a million pieces under the weight of all the dirt and rocks. Ironically, this happened in  rare moment when I was deep cleaning the living room and was moving stuff around to get things absolutely sparkling. (Did I use ironically right? I never know).

The tall giraffe-necked dudes in the back of the class are actually salt and pepper shakers gifted to me by awesome cousin Nicole. She knew I loved them when I spotted them in her stuff and sweetly relinquished them to my care. She knew they would have a loving home in my menagerie of kitschy critters!

Anyhoo, that’s another of my ridiculous collections. I have so many more and will try to share more in the future!


4 Responses to “Another collection my husband is confused by…”

  1. So cute – what a great collection 🙂

    • swankylady Says:

      Why, thank you! 🙂 I peeked at your blog and what cute style you have! It really inspires me to incorporate more vintage into my wardrobe.

  2. Colee Says:

    These are going in the book!!!!! Thanks for the shout out cuz!

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