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Morning Sunshine! March 24, 2013

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I am so wide awake this morning; it’s odd. I usually sleep in on weekends but I woke up bright-eyed and ready to go. How cute are these woodland deer planter vases? My mom bought me the one on the right a few months ago, and last week I found the one on the left at Salvation Army for a song.

I’ve been finding way too many little trinkets and doo-dads for myself lately and nothing for the shop. That’s not a good thing, as my small house is cramped as it is. My inner minimalist has long since been silenced (bound, gagged, and locked away forever) but I still don’t want my house to resemble a booth at an antique store. I seriously need to invest in some more shelving or pare down my collections. (yeah, like that’s going to happen…)

The other night I popped into Goodwill on my way to somewhere else. It was not a good trip. The pricing is way too high, there were several aisle hogs in the housewares section, and the staff was agitated and acting rude because it was near closing time. They were openly staring at customers, counting how many people were in the store, pacing around and talking about how close it was to getting out of there. When I left, there was still a half hour until the time they close, so I’m not sure what the fuss was about…

Anyways, I left with two cute dresses for summer and this little incense burner:


Isn’t it so cute? It was 99 cents.  I’ve really been into burning incense again, a nod to my teenage years in the late 90’s. The smoky spicy scent instantly transport me back to my cozy bedroom in my parents’ house. (I say cozy but that room was thrice the size of the bedroom I now share with my husband-I used to hang out in my closet because it was the size of a very small room! *sigh*….I was spoiled and didn’t know it…)

Well, now that I’ve met my required coffee intake for the morning, I have to get ready and go catch a late breakfast with the hub’s folks.

I pity the fool who messes with me before I've had my coffee!

I pity the fool who messes with me before I’ve had my coffee!


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