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Holy Swizzle April 6, 2013

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This morning brought a treasure hunting adventure with my lovely cousin. She met me at my house and we booked it to the Estate Sale location (after a quick ATM stop for me). We were numbers #44 and #45 and waited about a half hour to get in.

It wasn’t a crazy good sale, like I had hoped from the pictures I’d seen online. But it was the second day, so that might be part of it. I nabbed a vintage alarm clock for $1 and three highball glasses full of swizzle sticks, each only a dollar!



I was estatic! There were tons of different stirrers from different places all over. Some of my favorites:

I love Tiki!

I love Tiki!


I took more pictures that I’ll have to post later 🙂

Nicole picked up some records and an industrial metal filing cabinet. After looking over everything multiple times, we were ready to go. We decided as we got back into the car that it was early & we should hit a thrift store…or two.

First stop: the Salvation Army closest to my house. It was slim pickens’ but I found an adorable baby quilt with embroidered nursery story pictures in the squares. It’s already in my baby hope chest aka the Rubbermaid bin I keep in the basement for all the cute baby/kid stuff I can’t bear to pass up.

As we were leaving, we found….adult…footie….pajamas. We died laughing because we had been singing the Mackelmore “Thrift Shop” song all morning. Somehow Nicole convinced me to buy them and we convulsed with laughter as the elderly cashier looked on with a smile and mild confusion. “Keep laughing, girls” she said. We promised that we would.

Second Stop: The Salvation Army further away from my house that always yields more thrifty bounty. Nicole found a gold pendant with a giant purple gem that spins in its setting. I found:

milk glass compote, maybe going in the shop...maybe

milk glass compote, maybe going in the shop…maybe

vintage string art, listed in my shop

vintage string art, listed in my shop

enamel butterfly pin, already in the shop

enamel butterfly pin, already in the shop


Also found but not pictured: a vintage flower patterned pillowcase, a Children’s book about that Circus that has terrifying photographs I shall share later, a vintage apron, and a 1972 pattern for jeans that I’ve listed in the shop.

All in all it was a fun and successful morning! I got home and threw the jammies in the wash and made myself a late breakfast/early lunch.  Sadly, the pajamas did not fit or I would have included a disturbing photo for your enjoyment.


3 Responses to “Holy Swizzle”

  1. Colee Says:

    I volunteer to model the pajamas!!!

  2. swankylady Says:

    haha, they may just fit you! Are you shorter than me? Because I put my feet in first and then my arms but I couldn’t pull it up over my shoulders! haha, I’m so glad no one could see the struggle.

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