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Irons in the Fire April 21, 2013

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I am so excited for the months to come…so many ideas and plans and hopefully many good things ahead. One of these things is a thrifting roadtrip with Nicole which we have officially begun to plan!

She invited me over for a planning session and I brought sushi:



She provided the edamame and the sesame stick/nuts/pretzel snack mix and we proceeded brainstorm.


I am giddy with the notion of a trip mostly devoted to treasure-hunting! We also hope to catch a drive-in theatre movie and try lots of yummy food at different roadside diners and restaurants along the way.

I will leave you with some blurry fake-dancing photos we took as Nicole showed me the spoils from her shopping spree yesterday in participation with National Record Store Day.

Shake that thang.

Shake that thang.

Oh yeah, I got the moves

I’m so fast I’m like greased lightening!

Kind of looks like she's doing a pageant wave...

Kind of looks like she’s doing a pageant wave…

Wow...the face I am making. I don't even know.

Wow…the face I am making. I don’t even know.


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