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Life Update July 8, 2013

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I’ve been a pathetic blogger lately. Life has been absolutely cray cray and I feel like a loser for not documenting it properly-not on here or my own personal journal.

Since I last wrote, I’ve:

– taken an awesome thrifting road trip with my cousin that involved treasure hunting, a drive-in theatre movie night, and many hilarious experiences we will treasure forever

-worked a fun event at work that required a cocktail dress and accidentally crashed into a middle aged man, stepped on his toes, and touched his no-no zone as I attempted to steady myself. (I received a slightly-drunken but winning smile and then a fake scream of pain. At least I think it was fake….)

– picked wild blackberries in my parents woods and made “Bounce”-an alcoholic concoction of vodka, sugar and berries that must sit for 2-3 months and then be strained. The end result is a very strong berry liqour that will make your eyes cross and little chirping birdies circle your head. Awesome.

-formed a serious addiction to Cosmos and Netflix.

Those were the fun things. But it’s not been all fun and games, not even close.  We had some seriously sad news about my father-in-laws cancer. It moved to his spine and he’s got to have radiation ASAP.

Also, someone I used to work with went missing on 5/31. He was only 25 years old. He was rafting with friends on the Meramac river. He was hanging on to the back of the raft and when his friends looked back, he was gone. The news was such a blow; I can’t imagine what his friends and family must be feeling.

Lastly, my own pain is nothing compared to cancer or a missing loved one, but on Memorial Day I had an accident that landed me in the ER. The extra blade from our Ninja blender system was improperly stored in our closet-unbeknownst to me- and when I went to pull something down from the closet, it fell on me. Ten stitches later, I am all healed but have a really ugly scar on my right forearm. I’ll have to post a picture later, just to gross you out.

Anyways, I was going to post a shop update, but since it had been so long since a post, it sort of turned into a life update. *sigh* I think I’ll go make myself one of those aforementioned Cosmos now…



2 Responses to “Life Update”

  1. Colee Says:

    Love you! Thinking of you and I want to hear all your cray cray stories yo

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