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Catching Up November 24, 2013

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Things are about to get crazy crazier with the holidays approaching. I spent some time last night and today listing some things in the shop. Here are some of my favorites:

vintage Tensor task lamp

vintage Tensor task lamp

vintage apple earrings, from my roadtrip this summer. I adore them but never wear them.

vintage apple earrings, from my roadtrip this summer. I adore them but never wear them.

unique divided metal tray

unique divided metal tray

1960s floral ice bucket

1960s floral ice bucket

Lately I’ve just been renewing expired listings so it was really nice to spend a couple of mostly uninterrupted hours working on photographing and listing stuff the shop. For me, it really doesn’t feel like working. I actually really like it and wish I could do it as a job rather than a hobby. Unfortunately, I need health insurance and other benefits as well as the security of a regular paycheck. I know, I know, cue the sad violin music…


I probably wouldn’t enjoy it if I had to do it every day and depended on it for a living. At least that’s what I tell myself, so I can sleep at night and continue to be a (semi) productive member of this household.

Well, now I’m going to finish catching up on some blog reading before the newest Walking Dead comes on! Smell ya later, home skillet.

All of this catching up and whatnot deserves a celebratory martini ;)

All of this catching up and whatnot deserves a celebratory martini ūüėČ


1950s Textbooks and other vintage goodness October 28, 2013

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Camping under a beautiful aqua sky!

Camping under a beautiful aqua sky!

To properly study for a test, one must be dressed in a sport coat or have a parakeet on one's shoulder. It is the only way.

To properly study for a test, one must be dressed in a sport coat or have a parakeet on one’s shoulder. It is the only way.

I'm not kidding at all when I say that I wish this were my living room!

I’m not kidding at all when I say that I wish this were my living room!

english5 english7 english6 english8 english4

I just love the images in old school textbooks. I found a pair of English in Action book, circa 1955 and 1956, at the thrift store tonight. I popped in after a particularly annoying trip to the post office, involving an irate old man who kept whacking the ground with his cane while exclaiming that his wait was “absolutely ridiculous”.

After that, some retail therapy was in order, and so I made a quick stop to the nearby Salvation Army. I found the textbooks, a 1952 edition of the Diary of Anne Frank, and a beautiful old illustrated book called the Magic Garden, published in 1937 (which I must admit I excitedly bought thinking it was the Secret Garden).

I also found a “God Bless our Camper” decorative plate, which I will probably sell on Etsy, since I have one just like it, and also a commemorative “Men on the Moon” plate complete with the names and cartoon images of the men who landed on the moon¬†in 1969. Because what home is complete without a plate covered in astronauts ?


Life Update July 8, 2013

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I’ve been a pathetic blogger lately. Life has been absolutely cray cray and I feel like a loser for not documenting it properly-not on here or my own personal journal.

Since I last wrote, I’ve:

– taken an awesome thrifting road trip with my cousin that involved treasure hunting, a drive-in theatre movie night, and many hilarious experiences we will treasure forever

-worked a fun event at work that required a cocktail dress¬†and accidentally crashed into a middle aged man, stepped on his toes, and touched his no-no zone as I attempted to steady myself. (I received a slightly-drunken but winning smile and then a fake scream of pain. At least I think it was fake….)

–¬†picked wild blackberries in my parents woods and made “Bounce”-an alcoholic¬†concoction of vodka, sugar and berries that must sit for 2-3 months and then be strained. The¬†end result is a very strong berry liqour that will make your eyes cross and little chirping birdies circle your head. Awesome.

-formed a serious addiction to Cosmos and Netflix.

Those were the fun things. But¬†it’s not been all fun and games, not even close. ¬†We had some seriously sad news about my father-in-laws cancer. It moved to his spine and he’s got to have radiation ASAP.

Also, someone I used to work with went missing on 5/31. He was only 25 years old. He was rafting with friends on the Meramac river. He was hanging on to the back of the raft and when his friends¬†looked back, he was gone. The news was such a blow; I can’t imagine what his friends and family must be feeling.

Lastly, my own pain is nothing compared to cancer or a missing loved one, but on Memorial Day I had an accident that landed me in the ER. The extra blade from our Ninja blender system was improperly stored in our closet-unbeknownst to me- and when I went to pull something down from the closet, it fell on me. Ten stitches later, I am all healed but have a really ugly scar on my right forearm. I’ll have to post a picture later, just to gross you out.

Anyways, I was going to post a shop update, but since it had been so long since a post, it sort of turned into a life update. *sigh* I think I’ll go make myself one of those aforementioned Cosmos now…



Keepin’ it Swanky May 15, 2013

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Sorry for the blog title. I really couldn’t think of anything. So that is what happened. Yeah..

Anywho, things have been rather busy but good. My supervisor is gone on vacation so things at work has been busier for me, not that I am complaining. I like to keep occupied; it makes the hours fly by!

I’ve been trying to squeeze in little thrift store stops here and there because I now not only do I have my shop¬†on Etsy to stock, I have an antique store booth!! Well, my mom and I do. We are splitting the space and cost. We haven’t had a lot of time to spend on it yet, so it’s a bit sparse. But we’ll have every nook and cranny filled before you can say “hereditary hoarding hootenanny!” Ok, I must apologize once again.¬†I got carried away.

My dad is building us a cubby-style shelf, somewhat like this IKEA one:


Not too much else going on at the moment. I’ve been enjoying our basil and cilantro plants. One of my favorite things to eat when I have fresh basil is bruchetta. I made a batch last night and toasted baguette slices in the oven…mmmm! Glorious!

Other current fixations:

This soda:


Can’t get enough of it. My Grandma has always had this in her fridge and I always liked it enough, but suddenly one day I decided it was the best thing ever. I like to¬†splash in some diet cranberry juice (and maybe¬†a little¬†gin when it’s been that kind of a day…)

This book:

instant mom

The¬†woman that wrote the screenplay and¬†performed the lead role¬†in My Big Fat Greek Wedding wrote a book about her journey through infertility and the adoption of her daughter. It’s mostly about adoption, though.

Actually wearing my vintage jewelry instead of hoarding it away in dusty boxes:



Well, it is almost 11:00, time for this old lady to get off to bed!


Irons in the Fire April 21, 2013

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I am so excited for the months to come…so¬†many ideas and plans and hopefully many good things ahead. One of these things is a thrifting roadtrip with Nicole¬†which we have officially begun to plan!

She invited me over for a planning session and I brought sushi:



She provided the edamame and the sesame stick/nuts/pretzel snack mix and we proceeded brainstorm.


I am giddy with the notion of a trip mostly devoted to treasure-hunting! We also hope to catch a drive-in theatre movie and try lots of yummy food at different roadside diners and restaurants along the way.

I will leave you with some blurry fake-dancing photos we took as Nicole showed me the spoils from her shopping spree yesterday in participation with National Record Store Day.

Shake that thang.

Shake that thang.

Oh yeah, I got the moves

I’m so fast I’m like greased lightening!

Kind of looks like she's doing a pageant wave...

Kind of looks like she’s doing a pageant wave…

Wow...the face I am making. I don't even know.

Wow…the face I am making. I don’t even know.


New Finds and Current Obsessions April 20, 2013

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Brand new additions to the shop, just listed today:

adorable red hat box suitcase

adorable red hat box suitcase

antique bedtime story collection, 1941

antique bedtime story collection, 1941

milk glass footed bowl

milk glass footed bowl

retro embroidered throw pillow

retro embroidered throw pillow

This week I was bad….very bad indeed. In complete defiance of my inner determination to become a minimalist, my body betrayed me and I found myself pillaging the thrifts like a savage shopping Viking.

The good news is, most of it will end up in the shop. Of what I found, I am keeping a blue and gold enamel flower pin, a couple of books, a kitschy 1960’s pedestal mug, and a lidded glass carafe that is a square shape with a plastic aqua lid that I will use to store¬† iced herbal tea in this summer.

I am obsessed with tea right now. I have sort of lost my taste for coffee lately, partly because I am watching my weight and coffee just doesn’t taste the same without my cream and sugar. So I guess I didn’t really love the coffee so much as the cream and sugar…

Other current obsessions:

*edamame steamer snack packs (Nicole, I blame you)

*Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral by Kris Radish. I don’t know that I am in love with her writing style but I am in love with the entire concept. I am 100 pages in and hooked.

*Fructis Style Wonder Waves. I am so into NOT drying and straightening my hair lately. I spray it on my damp hair, scrunch with my fingers, and voila! Done.

*Watching Gossip Girl with the Netflix app on my Nook while I work out on the elliptical. Such a dumb vapid show but it’s sort of the perfect thing to exercise to because you don’t have to concentrate on it too terribly¬†hard.

*plotting and planning away with a game plan to quit my job and do re-sale full time within the next two years






This post has been fortified with extra Vitamin C & D April 7, 2013

So this morning I washed and tested the vintage Juice King I bought a few weeks ago. It has been sitting there ever since on my kitchen table, yet another forgotten object in the “list” pile for Etsy. That pile sometimes remains there, completely undiminished, for weeks at a time as I go through lazy periods of ignoring the shop.

I tested it with the only thing I had on hand: clementines. Needless to say, there wasn’t much juice from those itty bitty nuggets of goodness, but what was there was delicious.


Like approximately 75% of what I buy when I thrift shop, I sort of fell in love with this contraption. After using a borrowed juicer for about a week (this was months ago, after impressionable¬†me¬†had just watched Fat, Sick & Nearly dead on Netflix and was convinced this was to be my new¬†diet forever and ever) this was¬†so simple to use. It was noiseless, easy to take apart and clean, and doesn’t take up much space.

Then again…will I really use it? Hmmm, such a decision to ponder…

Anyways, moving on. Here are some more of my swizzle sticks from my haul yesterday:

colorful animals!

stirrer spoons from the Stardust in Las Vegas

stirrer spoons from the Stardust in Las Vegas

Neon is swell. I especially love the Air West ones.

Neon is swell. I especially love the Air West ones.

I love the little whales! These are from Maui.

I love the little whales! These are from Maui.

Circus Circus! I adore the little pink conductor!

Circus Circus! I adore the little pink conductor!


A rainbow of stirrers

A rainbow of stirrers

There’s more but I know this post is already rather picture heavy! Well,¬†the Mister¬†just came home from the store with lemons and requested a lemon shake-up with lunch. Guess I’ll be holding onto that juicer for now…