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This post has been fortified with extra Vitamin C & D April 7, 2013

So this morning I washed and tested the vintage Juice King I bought a few weeks ago. It has been sitting there ever since on my kitchen table, yet another forgotten object in the “list” pile for Etsy. That pile sometimes remains there, completely undiminished, for weeks at a time as I go through lazy periods of ignoring the shop.

I tested it with the only thing I had on hand: clementines. Needless to say, there wasn’t much juice from those itty bitty nuggets of goodness, but what was there was delicious.


Like approximately 75% of what I buy when I thrift shop, I sort of fell in love with this contraption. After using a borrowed juicer for about a week (this was months ago, after impressionable me had just watched Fat, Sick & Nearly dead on Netflix and was convinced this was to be my new diet forever and ever) this was so simple to use. It was noiseless, easy to take apart and clean, and doesn’t take up much space.

Then again…will I really use it? Hmmm, such a decision to ponder…

Anyways, moving on. Here are some more of my swizzle sticks from my haul yesterday:

colorful animals!

stirrer spoons from the Stardust in Las Vegas

stirrer spoons from the Stardust in Las Vegas

Neon is swell. I especially love the Air West ones.

Neon is swell. I especially love the Air West ones.

I love the little whales! These are from Maui.

I love the little whales! These are from Maui.

Circus Circus! I adore the little pink conductor!

Circus Circus! I adore the little pink conductor!


A rainbow of stirrers

A rainbow of stirrers

There’s more but I know this post is already rather picture heavy! Well, the Mister just came home from the store with lemons and requested a lemon shake-up with lunch. Guess I’ll be holding onto that juicer for now…


Riveting Drama at the Thrifts May 20, 2012

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It’s been a weird kind of week. Lots of changes happening in the lives of people around me and, for once, the possibility of change in mine. I’m not a person who likes change. I get used to things; I get quite comfy and don’t want to deal with learning a different routine. Even if I’m not completely content, I’ll stay in a situation because I’ve grown accustomed to it. Anyways, things are sort of up in the air so I won’t talk about it on here. It’s never really been that kind of blog anyways.

Speaking of change, the thrifts brought a new/old kitchen table my way on Tuesday!

The pictures don’t really do it justice. It’s an old dinette with a light grey faux bois Formica top with a chrome edge and it has black painted metal legs. I wish it would have had the chairs with it, but for $15.99 I couldn’t leave it behind. I’m going to search high and low for the perfect chairs. For now, I’ll use the chairs from our old set. This furniture switch-a-roo freed up so much space! The old table was so long and it took up so much room in our wee little kitchen. It’ll be nice to be able to move around more when we’re fixing dinner.

Sushi night! Testing out the new table.

The table wasn’t my only fun find on Tuesday. I picked up these:

vintage Shriner bar glasses and matching tray, for sale in my shop

and this:

Little Miss Moppet lamp, to be saved for my future nursery

and these:

craft magazines from the 1960’s

Also, I found an awesome little retro shirtdress that did not photograph well so here is a close-up of the fabric:

The dress was actually found by Larry, my mom’s friend (& mine) and coworker who we sometimes thrift with. We give him rides and in return he gives us tours of his awesome mid century home and shows us his latest treasures. Sometimes he gifts me little things he’s picked up, like owl figurines and a tiny hatbox suitcase. In short, he is awesome.

Anyways, he found this dress right away at the little church-run thrift store we frequent and brought it over to me.  It was $5 and I debated it for a while, carrying it around and studying it. Then this hipster looking girl (or I should say woman, she was not much younger than me) asked “Are you going to buy that dress?”. I know it’s awful, but the gleam in her eye made me decide then and there I would be keeping it. If she had just played it cool and eyed it from a distance, the dress might have been hers.

Then the part that really annoyed me: She called me out as a reseller. LOUDLY. Now, it’s no secret. I am not ashamed that I resell some of my purchases to support my habit. But I also keep alot of my quirkly little finds and I don’t know…I just don’t want the store owners/workers I see every week to think of me as some greedy dealer. I guess it’s because, as a lifelong treasure seeker, I grew up going to garage sales and estate sales with my mom. The dealers were sort of our enemies. They snatched up anything and everything they could to make a buck. I guess, even though I do own an Etsy shop, I just don’t want to be known as a dealer.  Call me crazy.

Anyways, here is how it went down.

Unknown Hipster: Are you going to keep that dress?

Me: (holding it up in front of me) I don’t know…I think so…I’m…pretty sure.

Mom to Hipster: Oh, hi.

Hipster: Oh, hi! You work at ______! (name of thrift store she works at part-time)

Mom: Yep.

Hipster, turning to me: Oh, then you must be her daughter. The one who SELLS THINGS!

I type that part in all caps because to me it seemed like she shouted it to the whole world. It seemed like an accusation, like she wanted me to relinquish the dress to her because I’m a reseller and she’s a poor little vintage-lovin hipster. I felt like the store went deadly quiet, with crickets suddenly chirping. In my mind’s eye, I could see the cute little old ladies at the counter turning to narrow their eyes at me. Then I remembered my mom talking about a shopper who sometimes picked up things for her Etsy and my mom had told her all about me.

Me, very primly,  to Hipster: Oh, and you resell too, right?

Hipster: (mumbling) I have an Etsy shop.

Then she backed away and left soon after, after  paying for a very ugly 80’s dress and cute little condiment tray.

I feel I may have come across a little witchy, which is not usually my style, but she was very aggressive in her tone and approach. I love meeting new people, especially people with the same loves and interests as me, but she was not sending out good vibes.

Anyways, the rest of the day was pretty fun and without drama, although we did run into a known antiques dealer at the Goodwill who is convinced Larry is a dealer and always asks him nosy questions,  such as “How much would you sell this for?” no matter how many times Larry explains that he doesn’t resell, he’s a collector.

I found a vintage 1940s-50s microscope in the original wooden box. Actually, the antiques dealer was looking at it for a while but he said he wasn’t sure how much it was worth. I thought it was cool and well worth the $5 price tag. I also picked up two round mirrored vanity trays for $2.99 each. I can never seem to leave those behind. They look so pretty holding perfume bottles and jewelry.

I did so well on Tuesday (aka, spent too damn much) that I made the difficult decision to skip the 3rd Sunday marked in Bloomington today. My mom didn’t really seem too keen on going and I certainly did not need to spend another dime. Instead, I was lazy, read blogs, watched TV and ate a diet mainly consisting of carbs. An ideal Sunday, really.