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New Finds and Current Obsessions April 20, 2013

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Brand new additions to the shop, just listed today:

adorable red hat box suitcase

adorable red hat box suitcase

antique bedtime story collection, 1941

antique bedtime story collection, 1941

milk glass footed bowl

milk glass footed bowl

retro embroidered throw pillow

retro embroidered throw pillow

This week I was bad….very bad indeed. In complete defiance of my inner determination to become a minimalist, my body betrayed me and I found myself pillaging the thrifts like a savage shopping Viking.

The good news is, most of it will end up in the shop. Of what I found, I am keeping a blue and gold enamel flower pin, a couple of books, a kitschy 1960’s pedestal mug, and a lidded glass carafe that is a square shape with a plastic aqua lid that I will use to store  iced herbal tea in this summer.

I am obsessed with tea right now. I have sort of lost my taste for coffee lately, partly because I am watching my weight and coffee just doesn’t taste the same without my cream and sugar. So I guess I didn’t really love the coffee so much as the cream and sugar…

Other current obsessions:

*edamame steamer snack packs (Nicole, I blame you)

*Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral by Kris Radish. I don’t know that I am in love with her writing style but I am in love with the entire concept. I am 100 pages in and hooked.

*Fructis Style Wonder Waves. I am so into NOT drying and straightening my hair lately. I spray it on my damp hair, scrunch with my fingers, and voila! Done.

*Watching Gossip Girl with the Netflix app on my Nook while I work out on the elliptical. Such a dumb vapid show but it’s sort of the perfect thing to exercise to because you don’t have to concentrate on it too terribly hard.

*plotting and planning away with a game plan to quit my job and do re-sale full time within the next two years






Another collection my husband is confused by… March 2, 2013

How totally adorbs are these critters?


I started inadvertently collecting these cute little deer figurines about two summers ago when I picked up the mama and her three babies at the Third Sunday Bloomington flea market for $2. (she’s the one lifting her right hoof (?) in the air and scowling. I wasn’t planning on starting a collection, I just adored her scornful stare and her cute little fawn spawn.

Then came the purchase of the tiny bone china fawns that I started grabbing up at thrift stores with the intent of using them in woodland-themed terrariums. The one terrarium that I did make was beautiful but unfortunately, I used a large lidded glass jar that was too fragile and broke into a million pieces under the weight of all the dirt and rocks. Ironically, this happened in  rare moment when I was deep cleaning the living room and was moving stuff around to get things absolutely sparkling. (Did I use ironically right? I never know).

The tall giraffe-necked dudes in the back of the class are actually salt and pepper shakers gifted to me by awesome cousin Nicole. She knew I loved them when I spotted them in her stuff and sweetly relinquished them to my care. She knew they would have a loving home in my menagerie of kitschy critters!

Anyhoo, that’s another of my ridiculous collections. I have so many more and will try to share more in the future!


Books I bought this week and a rant on Plagiarism June 27, 2012

I’ve had it happen before on Etsy. And maybe it’s totally ridiculous that I let it bother me. But sometimes people just copy and paste my descriptions onto their new listing! Both times I discovered the plagiarism completely on accident, so it makes me wonder how many people are just that lazy.

I was checking out a vintage shop that had many really cool items and over 1,000 sales. I was perusing the awesomeness when I came across the same Kokeshi-head bottle I have in my shop. Out of curiosity, I clicked on it to see our differences in pricing and shipping cost. That’s when I noticed she copied and pasted the first line from my listing description, word for word.  “This unique vintage bottle features a wooden Kokeshi-esque wooden head on the lid.” WTF, dude?

The funny thing is, she even copied my typo, which was to write “wooden” twice. HA! It just burns me up when people do this. I realize there is only so many ways to describe the same object but at least TRY, people!

O.k., rant over. I started a new job last week and I love it. The only negative thing is that I don’t get my Tuesdays anymore to thrift; I get the weekends off. The good thing about weekends? Garage sales! I have yet to go to any sales yet. The first week of work was actually an event week and I worked the weekend. But as a result, I have had shortened work days all week! I popped in a couple shops both yesterday and today and scored some amazing finds. More on that later, but for now here are some of the books I found Tuesday for super cheap:

Bacteriology Textbook, 1948. A Miss Betty Lee signed her name on the inside cover.

Microscope Illustration from another bacteriology book, this one copyright 1934.

From The Werner Spalteholz Hand Atlas of Human Anatomy, Volume 2. Undated but probably turn of the century or older.

I Heart You

This and the next two are from a 1958 anatomy book that my awesome friend Larry gifted me.

I just can’t get you outta my head

This is the face of rabies. And it ain’t too pretty.

1945 Edition of one of the best-selling books of all times.

I love Dolly! I bought this for Etsy but I might keep it. I love her kitschy and slighty tacky brand of beauty. She is an icon.

More Dolly picd from this 1978 bio. It smells like smoke and had a grocery list with $3 tucked inside it.

My books paid for themselves! Also, I loved the amount of junk food on this list. Candy apple salad, ritz crackers, graham crackers, cream cheese…a girl after my own heart 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. I brought home more books than this, including some super adorable vintage childrens books, but I couldn’t scan it all in one day. More later!