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Catching Up November 24, 2013

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Things are about to get crazy crazier with the holidays approaching. I spent some time last night and today listing some things in the shop. Here are some of my favorites:

vintage Tensor task lamp

vintage Tensor task lamp

vintage apple earrings, from my roadtrip this summer. I adore them but never wear them.

vintage apple earrings, from my roadtrip this summer. I adore them but never wear them.

unique divided metal tray

unique divided metal tray

1960s floral ice bucket

1960s floral ice bucket

Lately I’ve just been renewing expired listings so it was really nice to spend a couple of mostly uninterrupted hours working on photographing and listing stuff the shop. For me, it really doesn’t feel like working. I actually really like it and wish I could do it as a job rather than a hobby. Unfortunately, I need health insurance and other benefits as well as the security of a regular paycheck. I know, I know, cue the sad violin music…


I probably wouldn’t enjoy it if I had to do it every day and depended on it for a living. At least that’s what I tell myself, so I can sleep at night and continue to be a (semi) productive member of this household.

Well, now I’m going to finish catching up on some blog reading before the newest Walking Dead comes on! Smell ya later, home skillet.

All of this catching up and whatnot deserves a celebratory martini ;)

All of this catching up and whatnot deserves a celebratory martini ūüėČ


Irons in the Fire April 21, 2013

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I am so excited for the months to come…so¬†many ideas and plans and hopefully many good things ahead. One of these things is a thrifting roadtrip with Nicole¬†which we have officially begun to plan!

She invited me over for a planning session and I brought sushi:



She provided the edamame and the sesame stick/nuts/pretzel snack mix and we proceeded brainstorm.


I am giddy with the notion of a trip mostly devoted to treasure-hunting! We also hope to catch a drive-in theatre movie and try lots of yummy food at different roadside diners and restaurants along the way.

I will leave you with some blurry fake-dancing photos we took as Nicole showed me the spoils from her shopping spree yesterday in participation with National Record Store Day.

Shake that thang.

Shake that thang.

Oh yeah, I got the moves

I’m so fast I’m like greased lightening!

Kind of looks like she's doing a pageant wave...

Kind of looks like she’s doing a pageant wave…

Wow...the face I am making. I don't even know.

Wow…the face I am making. I don’t even know.


New Finds and Current Obsessions April 20, 2013

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Brand new additions to the shop, just listed today:

adorable red hat box suitcase

adorable red hat box suitcase

antique bedtime story collection, 1941

antique bedtime story collection, 1941

milk glass footed bowl

milk glass footed bowl

retro embroidered throw pillow

retro embroidered throw pillow

This week I was bad….very bad indeed. In complete defiance of my inner determination to become a minimalist, my body betrayed me and I found myself pillaging the thrifts like a savage shopping Viking.

The good news is, most of it will end up in the shop. Of what I found, I am keeping a blue and gold enamel flower pin, a couple of books, a kitschy 1960’s pedestal mug, and a lidded glass carafe that is a square shape with a plastic aqua lid that I will use to store¬† iced herbal tea in this summer.

I am obsessed with tea right now. I have sort of lost my taste for coffee lately, partly because I am watching my weight and coffee just doesn’t taste the same without my cream and sugar. So I guess I didn’t really love the coffee so much as the cream and sugar…

Other current obsessions:

*edamame steamer snack packs (Nicole, I blame you)

*Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral by Kris Radish. I don’t know that I am in love with her writing style but I am in love with the entire concept. I am 100 pages in and hooked.

*Fructis Style Wonder Waves. I am so into NOT drying and straightening my hair lately. I spray it on my damp hair, scrunch with my fingers, and voila! Done.

*Watching Gossip Girl with the Netflix app on my Nook while I work out on the elliptical. Such a dumb vapid show but it’s sort of the perfect thing to exercise to because you don’t have to concentrate on it too terribly¬†hard.

*plotting and planning away with a game plan to quit my job and do re-sale full time within the next two years






Holy Swizzle April 6, 2013

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This morning brought a treasure hunting adventure with my lovely cousin. She met me at my house and we booked it to the Estate Sale location (after a quick ATM stop for me). We were numbers #44 and #45 and waited about a half hour to get in.

It wasn’t a crazy good sale, like I had hoped from the pictures I’d seen online. But it was the second day, so that might be part of it. I nabbed a vintage alarm clock for $1 and three highball glasses full of swizzle sticks, each only a dollar!



I was estatic! There were tons of different stirrers from different places all over. Some of my favorites:

I love Tiki!

I love Tiki!


I took more pictures that I’ll have to post later ūüôā

Nicole picked up some records and an industrial metal filing cabinet. After looking over everything multiple times, we were ready to go. We decided as we got back into the car that it was early & we should hit a thrift store…or two.

First stop: the Salvation Army closest to my house. It was slim pickens’ but I found an adorable baby quilt with embroidered nursery story pictures in the squares. It’s already in my baby hope chest aka the Rubbermaid bin I keep in the basement for all the cute baby/kid stuff I can’t bear to pass up.

As we were leaving, we found….adult…footie….pajamas. We died laughing because we had been singing the Mackelmore “Thrift Shop” song all morning. Somehow Nicole convinced me to buy them and we convulsed with laughter as the elderly cashier looked on with a smile and mild confusion. “Keep laughing, girls” she said. We promised that we would.

Second Stop: The Salvation Army further away from my house that always yields more thrifty bounty. Nicole found a gold pendant with a giant purple gem that spins in its setting. I found:

milk glass compote, maybe going in the shop...maybe

milk glass compote, maybe going in the shop…maybe

vintage string art, listed in my shop

vintage string art, listed in my shop

enamel butterfly pin, already in the shop

enamel butterfly pin, already in the shop


Also found but not pictured: a vintage flower patterned pillowcase, a Children’s book about that Circus that has terrifying photographs I shall share later, a vintage apron, and a¬†1972 pattern for jeans that I’ve listed in the shop.

All in all it was a fun and successful morning! I got home and threw the jammies in the wash and made myself a late breakfast/early lunch.  Sadly, the pajamas did not fit or I would have included a disturbing photo for your enjoyment.


Night, All August 29, 2012

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Oh, deer…can you spot the missing antler?

the canisters from the epic estate sale

big old industrial file box that the husband might keep

A pretty apothecary bottle that just got added to the shop today!

It’s been supercrazybusy round these parts. Too much work and family stuff (which is nice, don’t get me wrong!) and doctor¬† appointments to do much thrifing. Which is probably good, because anyone who knows me knows I have enough stuff tucked away in my house to supply my Etsy shop for two years!

Anyways, this isn’t much of a post but it’s better than nothing, right? Now I’m off to make a cup of Sleepytime tea and start another chapter of the Night Circus. And so, as my Grandma “Moses” would say… “Night, All!”


Tuesday Night Ramblings April 10, 2012

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(I apologize in advance for any spelling/grammar errors. It’s past my bedtime, I’ve had a glass of wine, and I just don’t care.)

Today was a really good day! One of those days that just flew by because it was so good. Why can’t the days I’m at work go by so quickly?? I slept in until 9 and then made a pot of coffee. I got my day started by tucking myself back into bed with a mug of coffee, my snuggly¬†pups, ¬†and a DVR box¬†full of Breakout Kings, a show I record but never seem to watch. I watched two episodes and then forced myself to get up and shower.

Mom came over around noon and brought me some of her homemade chicken salad and some mini-crossaints and some chips and salsa. She is the sweetest. Then we headed out to thrift. First, we mulled around and talked about doing something else. There was talk of seeing a movie. But then, of course, we headed out to thrift. We just can’t help it. It’s in our blood.

Here is a crappy picture of some of my haul:

Pictured: another mid century animal mail holder, a perpetual desk calender, a red tonka truck, a tiny brass elephant, three silver-rimmed roly poly bar glasses, an ice cream cone cookie jar, a speckled green shell pottery vase, a granny squares knitted blanket, an embroidred vintage pillowcase.

Not  pictured: an orange bangle bracelet with carved detailing, Rachel Ray 365 meals cookbook, 5 paperback novels, one large Vogue vintage sewing manual, a slightly damaged vintage globe (bought cheap, for a project), 4 records, a large hot pink poodle figurine, and a cotton sundress that will be a perfect swimsuit cover-up this summer.

I bought wayyy more than I usually do but I still came in under $50. I don’t feel too guilty because I just transferred¬†a big chunk of change from my paypal to my bank account the other day. Just supporting my habit. ūüėČ

Oh, and one of the records:

a hard candy Christmaaaaas!

(That one’s for you, Nicole)

After getting dropped off and making multiple trips of shame past my husband (picture me struggling with armloads of stuff, my husband holding the front door open for me without a word, just a slightly judgmental look) I packed up some items for the post office. I responded to an e-mail, in which someone I shipped to on March 31st still hasn’t received his package. I asked him to give it a couple more days but I have a feeling I’ll be issuing a refund. Bummer.

Then my husband was kind enough to go to the post office with me. (I hate waiting in that long line by myself) Afterwards, we had some Taco Bell for dinner. We have really been going the health food route lately; last night it was Chinese. MSG=yummm. There were these cute little boys at Taco Bell with their dad and I heard one of them excitedly say “Dad, can we get sporks? They have them here!!” The dad laughed and said Suuure. I’m sure he was thinking, I hope it will always be this easy to keep them happy.

The point of that little story is: I am a lot like those kids. It just doesn’t take that much to make me happy. Sporks. Or ceramic poodles. Or 25 cent Dolly Parton records. Not that I don’t have deeper needs or desires, like anyone else, but for the most part, I am easily amused. I like to think that if I were to win the lottery or become heir to a family fortune I know nothing about, I would still find the joy in the little things. I’d like to believe I could still sit in a Taco Bell with my husband and feel as happy as I felt today.



Tuesdays are Terrific March 14, 2012

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Today I crossed one off my “thirty before thirty” list and went red! My sister and I met at the shop after she dropped her son off for school. I woke up late so I was sans make-up and sporting wet hair as we picked out my color. Joan from Mad Men was the inspiration but we mixed two colors and the result was a bit darker. Still, I was pretty pleased. I think anything lighter would have been too orange and a repeat of my LeeLoo-esque hair disaster (refer to January 2010 in the archives)

Due to the hair appt. with my sister and other random errands, I didn’t get to do much thrift store shopping as per my usual Tuesdays. I did make two quick stops on my way to the post office but they were very hurried.

I found at Goodwill: owl shaped lamp, not vintage, much more than I usually spend at $8.99. He’s now at home in my living room. Three primary colored Tupperware cups, the kind I drank out of as a kid. 59 cents each. They got thrown in a tub of stuff in the basement. It’s my secret “when-I-have-kids” stash. It’s not really a secret, actually. Just a stash. Two pink ceramic egg cups, 99 cents each. They might be saved for my co-worker who collects egg cups.

I found at Salvation Army: vintage tablecloth with pastel pink and blue leaves. $1.99. It has one tiny brown stain, making it the perfect picnic blanket for this summer. Because I go on so many picnics….

Also found at SA, one cardboard file box in a 1970s faux bois pattern. It holds index cards and has a metal thingy inside that adjusts to hold more or less cards. I’ve been trying to find more things for storage lately. It almost broke the bank at 49 cents.

So I found nothing for the shop, which is ok. I still have plenty to list this week. Here are some new additions to the shop:

1950s Kitten Planter

yellow frosted glass drink pitcher

danish modern candlestick

vintage canvas tote bag, already sold

brass bird trinket dish

antique Bingo cards